Letter to the Editor

Newspaper's biases are showing

Friday, February 16, 2007

To the editor:Since last week I have noticed multiple instances of bias perpetrated by the Southeast Missourian.

The coverage of Chief White Eagle was misleading. However, it probably came as no surprise, as the American Indian is used to broken promises. I agree with Joy Bell: "To suggest that any native group has to prove its legitimacy using documentation from within the white culture is no different than relying on the fox for factual verification about what happened to the hens."

It is no different with Yankees. Our history is written in blue ink, and Yankees would rather rely on the fox than on the facts.

I've also noticed there has been no shortage of anti-Rod Jetton rhetoric. I supported Jetton's opponent in last year's election, but I think he did the right thing by stripping a politically correct South-hater of leadership power. State Rep. Scott Lipke is a liberal, which is why the Southeast Missourian loves him.

In each example of bias I have given it is evident that the Southeast Missourian's loyalties are with the national Republican neocon party, not the welfare of Missouri.

CLINT E. LACY, Marble Hill, Mo.