Letter to the Editor

Litzelfelner gave players a lesson they never forgot

Friday, September 5, 2003

To the editor:

We'll miss Jim Litzelfelner, who died recently. He coached Jackson's American Legion baseball team many years, and I went with him to New Madrid to play that city's team. On the return trip, we stopped at a cafe in Sikeston. Jim said, "Cover the grill with hamburgers and make plenty of chocolate malts for a hungry baseball team."

After a while, Jim said, "Where's Lewis?" The boys said, "He's out in the truck. He won't come in." The cafe man said, "Is he black? We don't serve blacks." Jim said, "Everybody up. Follow me." And out he went.

I looked at the grill covered with sizzling meat. We went to a cafe in Cape Girardeau where we all ate together.