Letter to the Editor

Information in story questioned

Friday, February 9, 2007

To the editor:I'm appalled by the Feb. 5 article "Teaching 'the human people'" by TJ Greaney. Whether they're an actual tribe is debated? I thought a debate was between at least two represented parties. Greaney used excerpts from various interviews but failed to print (or dare I say ask) any responses from Paul White Eagle on the attacks to his heritage, tribe and morality.

Congratulations to Glinda Ladd Seabaugh, a former member of the AhNiYvWiYa tribe, who has spent the time to trace her heritage. I'm sure if anyone tried to say that her family tree work was misrepresented, she would be rightfully offended. However, Greaney did not print White Eagle's rebuttal to the nasty comment she made about doubting White Eagle's native blood line.

Further, the subheading that reads "Local American Indian tribe is looking for national recognition" only mentions a 501 (c)(3). Last I checked it's not exactly national recognition, as Greaney put it, but a tax-exempt status with the IRS.

And then comes the best part of the article, a quote from Seabaugh: "They believe him [White Eagle] because they don't know any better." Is she saying that the members of the tribe are too ignorant to see someone is lying to them? I'd trust Chief Paul over the nastiness slapped on the front page of this newspaper.

Greaney also failed to verify the age of the person he is trying to discredit, nor did he bother to acknowledge that tribal member Ma Bell is now deceased. What other facts are incorrect?

STACEY CHICORA, Cape Girardeau