Letter to the Editor

Bush just might surprise us

Friday, February 9, 2007

To the editor:Many eyes watched and ears listened to the State of the Union address, the final major address by President Bush. It gave him a second chance to defend his new Iraq strategy to a nation that continues its opposition and declares it is tired of war. Congress is intent on voting against the plan. Bush vows to stand firm on his strategy.

To send over more troops to Iraq does not bring joy to me. People in Iraq are used to fighting. We are not.

For Bush to carry out his unpopular plan may cause a clash between the White House and Congress. It is sometimes normal for a president whose time expires to reach a further goal. Perhaps that is the wish of Bush also.

Bush certainly deserves credit for his inspiring and impressive State of the Union address. He showed no hostility, only dignity and reserve. He was most generous in his tribute to a number of recent heroes.

Should opposition against Bush continue, wish him well and keep your fingers crossed. He needs all the luck he can get. On the other hand, he just might surprise us. After all, this is his second term to serve as president. Doesn't that tell you something? It does me.

PAULA E. KEMPE, Cape Girardeau