Speak Out 2/9/07

Friday, February 9, 2007

Cut taxes

REGARDING THE story about assessed values of existing homes going to go up 6 to 7 percent: We ought to cut the tax rate 6 to 7 percent. The people of Illinois didn't get where they were with the taxes they have overnight. Illinois just keeps raising taxes a little at a time. We need to do something about it. I wish someone would start a campaign to cap taxes right where they are. I'm not making 6 or 7 percent more a year.

Practicing for MAP

I CAN'T say that all schools spend a lot of time practicing the MAP tests, but I do know many of them do because I've been associated with several schools. Lots of money is spent on special booklets to practice reading, and reams of paper are used to copy all the many handouts that are used to practice on. We don't get all the way through the textbooks we have because we have to stop and practice on the MAP tests.

Teaching the test

I AM an elementary school teacher, and we have been told to teach nothing but what's on the MAP test. If it's not on the MAP test, we have been told to not teach it. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has gotten the schools so scared of the MAP and what our scores will be like and the ramifications of it that we teach nothing but the MAP all year long, especially from now until March. I do not understand why the parents do not go to Jefferson City and tell the legislators they do not think that this is in the best interest of their children.

Training a dog

I OWNED a pit bull for a long time. She was a gentle dog. If you train a dog to be vicious, the dog will be vicious. If you train the dog to be gentle, it will be gentle. Any dog can turn on you if you mistreat the dog. There are dogs that, unfortunately because of their owners, are bad.

Classic rock band

ACCORDING TO the REO Speedwagon concert schedule, it's playing the SEMO District Fair in September. I want to thank whoever booked this classic rock band. Last year's fair entertainment wasn't very popular, and we didn't attend. Let's ride the storm out and support our rock acts.

Keeps on giving

WE SENIOR citizens are giving people. We have given our blood in wars, our time as working citizens and our taxes to keep the government Now that we have retired on fixed incomes, we will have to give up part of our Social Security and Medicare benefits to fight a war. I guess we are a present to our president, a gift that keeps on giving.

Deserved to lose

I'M A conservative Republican. I'm disappointed with the Republicans. They deserved to lose that last election. They should have brought out two things. One is illegal immigrants. The other is this huge spending. We might as well have Democrats if we're going to have big spending and big government.

No spanking

IF I ever saw someone in public who mistreated his children, I would report him. Five generations of my family were never spanked or yelled at, and we turned out fine. There are other answers to these problems. I agree with the schools that children should not be spanked.

Not our fault

THERE WAS global warming about 900 years ago. Germany had orange groves. The global warming wasn't caused by burning fossil fuels. It wasn't caused by George Bush. The earth naturally warms and cools every once in a while, and it's not our fault.

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