Speak Out 2/6/07

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Scrutiny required

SCHOOLS ARE master purveyors of smoke and mirrors, but I sure didn't think the Southeast Missourian would be tricked into writing touchy, feely stuff like "teachers, administrators, students and parents know when their schools are succeeding." The fact that they don't know or don't want the public to find out is what necessitates rigorous, objective, impartial measurements to scrutinize the success or failure of school performance.

Glorifying God

CHURCH MUSIC is supposed to glorify God, not entertain people. It seems that some churches are seeing just how close they can get to the world without getting burned. The old saying is true, "The church is getting more worldly, and the world is getting more churchy." God help us.

Tracking funds

I THOUGHT an audit was a business tool to make sure funds are tracked and accounted for properly. The fact that Missouri categorizes money differently than an auditor should not change the fact that the Cape Girardeau School District accurately tracked the funds entrusted to it by the taxpayers.

Fining parents

A TEXAS school board is giving serious consideration to requiring parents to pay a $500 fine for not attending parent-teacher conferences. The chances that Southeast Missouri school boards will consider or take similar action is somewhat less than zero.

Need help

IT IS so frustrating to go to work when there is simply not enough help to get the job done -- not only get the job done, but do a good job. For many it is rewarding to go to work, do a good job and go home at the end of the day with a feeling of pride in the work you do. With inadequate staff, a superior job cannot be completed. It is so frustrating to go to a meeting and hear if something doesn't get done disciplinary actions will be taken. It's not because an employee doesn't want to do an excellent job. It's plain and simple: Hire more people.

Send a bill

WE WERE promised the oil in Iraq would pay for the war. It hasn't happened. I think those in the government who told this lie need to be sent a bill. If they refuse to pay, then the IRS should start holding them accountable for the money.

Religious component

I'M A public school employee who chooses to send my children to a parochial school. I love my job, and I love the school system I work for. My decision to place my children in a parochial school was one based on a desire to provide my children with a good general education and a good religious foundation. Do I believe the public school provides a great education? You bet. I help deliver that education to them. But I wanted my children to have the religious component as well. Placing children in a private-school environment is not a vote against public education or any administration. It is a choice that individuals make based on their own belief system. Please don't let a small group of disgruntled public-school employees speak for the rest of us.

School investigations

HOW IS Naylor in trouble with the Missouri State High School Activities Association for having nonresident students and Bell City is not? According to Kirwin Urhahn, his organization "never received a complaint regarding the Bell City situation. As a result, MSHSAA didn't look into that case." A report from the Department of Education isn't good enough for MSHSAA to investigate, but a letter from a fired coach is? Go figure.

Community benefit

I THINK that it would be a great idea for the Cape Girardeau School District to partner with NARS. For once, the district would be fulfilling their original intent laid out in the district's strategic plan. As long as it does not take money away from existing programs, hurray. We need to continue some forward thinking that benefits all in the community and stop being so territorial.

Come clean on jail

IT SOUNDS to me like the Scott County commissioners are sending subliminal messages and laying the groundwork for a move to expand the Scott County Jail at taxpayers' expense.

Church morality

THE CHURCH today has given into the idea that anything goes. I'm sickened by how far-reaching this has become. It's no longer about Christ crucified. It's no longer about sin. More pastors and leaders today are costing souls because of their own morality. Divorce in the church is at an all-time high.

Ruining lives

CONGRATULATIONS TO all those who voted again to elect Bush as president. You reap what you sow, but unfortunately for many of us we too must suffer, and we will continue to do so long after this trillion-dollar war is over. But the economy is good, there's no such thing as global warming, and soon we will be in a much bigger deficit after we start war with Iran. I'm not sure where the troops will come from, but I'm sure that our intelligent president will think of some way to ruin the lives of more Americans.

Smoking choice

PROPONENTS OF indoor smoking bans now being discussed in Texas say waiters and nonsmoking patrons don't have a choice about breathing secondhand smoke and that customers won't stop going to bars and restaurants if they can't smoke inside. Opponents of bans suggest ways to protect nonsmokers short of a complete ban. Neither side suggests the solution of allowing businesses to decide whether to allow smoking, and then employees and customers can make up their own choice on whether to work in or frequent smoking-allowed businesses. Shame on business owners who do not fight for their rights.

Not using blinkers

IN REGARDS to the comment about people not using blinkers: This needs to be pointed out to police officers. I see more police officers not using theirs than anyone else.

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