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Monday, February 5, 2007
Super Bowl fans at the Rude Dog Pub in downtown Cape Girardeau cheered the first touchdown scored by the Indianapolis Colts against the Chicago Bears while watching a big-screen television on Sunday. (Fred Lynch)

For some area residents, Sunday was a national holiday.

"Super Bowl is one of my favorite holidays," said Sherri Voerg.

She gathered with a group of friends at the Rude Dog Pub in downtown Cape Girardeau Sunday afternoon to watch the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts compete in Super Bowl XLI.

The Cape Girardeau woman attended the Super Bowl party wearing the jersey of her favorite team, the Dallas Cowboy, but she cheered for the Chicago Bears. She and several of her female friends cheered for the Bears because of middle linebacker Brian Urlacher.

"We picked the team with the cutest guy on it," Voerg said.

The group of women also enjoyed the half-time performance by Prince.

Each year, Tim Morrison of Sikeston, Mo., travels to the Rude Dog Pub to watch the biggest sporting event of the year.

"I come up here every year because I'm in a band with the owner," Morrison said. "It's usually a lot of fun here."

Owner Mark Weber rented a big-screen television and provided patrons with free food during the game.

Most of the bar's football fans, including Morrison, cheered for the Chicago Bears. Two first-quarter touchdowns gave Bears fans something to cheer about. But Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning and the Colts' defense gathered momentum throughout the remainder of the game.

"I'm a little upset with what's going on right now," said Morrison, during the third quarter. "The game was good at first, but after that it got a little lopsided."

Morrison and his group of friends were impressed with the Bears' opening kickoff touchdown return.

"It happens sometimes but it's pretty rare during a Super Bowl," he said.

And like every year, the area football fans enjoyed the commercials. Both Voerg and Morrison said the Bud Light commercials were their favorites.

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