Snowsuit may have saved St. Louis child thrown from SUV

Thursday, February 1, 2007

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- A snowsuit may have saved a 3-year-old St. Louis boy thrown from his mother's SUV after it was struck by a stolen Jeep.

Juanesea Logan's Chevy Blazer was stopped Wednesday evening at an intersection on the city's north side when it was struck by a stolen Jeep Cherokee that was being chased by police. The impact knocked Logan's son, Keith Falker Jr., from the vehicle.

But with temperatures in the low 20s, the child was bundled in a snowsuit that apparently cushioned his fall. Keith was taken to a hospital for evaluation but appeared to have nothing worse than a cut on the chin, authorities said.

Police said the driver of the stolen Jeep was 13. He was captured soon after the crash.

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