Letter to the Editor

Stop bickering about Iraq mess

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

To the editor:I have a question for those of you who may be more educated in politics than I am. What useful plan do the Democrats have to offer regarding Iraq? They are constantly screaming at President Bush's plans for finishing the debacle in Iraq, but they never give any realistic ideas on how to proceed from here. Don't we all pretty much agree that the situation over there is a mess? What is the sense in babbling on and on about whose fault the war is at this point? The fact is that every day the bickering goes on here, our men (most very young), are over there getting blown up because they're undermanned. The Dems seem to use terms like "diplomatic resolutions." What in the world does that mean? How can you apply diplomacy to a guy driving at you doing 30 mph with a bomb in the back seat?