Letter to the Editor

Cape ready for library of tomorrow

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

To the editor:In 1964 we took our family to the New York World's Fair. We toured exhibits from countries around the world. The American exhibit was titled "Library of the future." We expected to see rooms full of books, but were we ever surprised. The exhibit displayed, in addition to books, a building full of machines similar to the teletypes once found in newsrooms. Guides explained that these were computers and someday all the books ever written would be available on them. We were invited to try one to see how we could get information from the Library of Congress. Most choices were things that one might find in an encyclopedia. We printed out a piece about the pyramids. We thought, "This might happen in New York, but never in Cape Girardeau."

What a difference 42 years make. Now computers are everywhere. The director, staff, board and foundation of Cape Girardeau Public Library have developed a plan to take our library past 2007 and into the future.

The expansion plan outlined in recent news articles will move us forward with cutting-edge technology in computer rooms, study areas and browsing sections. Not only will there be books, but all the other things that make the library a place of learning, a place of pleasure, a place for meetings and a place for community activities, all regardless of age or economic status.

On Feb. 6 we're going to the polls to vote yes for the library expansion proposal. Won't you please join us?