Speak Out 1/29/07

Monday, January 29, 2007

Library costs

THE PROPOSED increase in Cape Girardeau Public Library taxes plus the existing library taxes on a home valued at $120,000 will total $72.16 a year. However, people in Cape who live outside the library district can get a library card for only $36 a year. What's right about that?

Library baby-sitters

IT APPEARS to me librarians have become after-school baby-sitters for a lot of schoolchildren. Those parents should be taking care of their own after-school program. It shouldn't be left up to the taxpayers. I think the proposed expansion is too big, and the cost per square foot for that type of a building is way out consideration according to architects in Cape Girardeau. I think the levy increase will pass because the election is on a date when most senior citizens won't get out and most other people will just say, "I don't care about it." This kind of tax election should require at least a three-fifths majority to pass.

He botched it

I WAS amused at the Speak Out comment that it took Republicans six years to figure out how incompetent President Bush and his cronies are. Actually, we all knew it when he botched the Katrina disaster. The Republicans just don't want to admit it.

Renewable fuels

THE MOST important part of the president's State of the Union speech was the call for the United States to use 20 percent less gasoline in the next 10 years. That's big. What President Bush wants is more renewable fuels made in the Midwest. That's money coming into the Cape Girardeau area. Look for it.

Preschool is good

I DON'T think it's insanity for Cape Girardeau to have a preschool program. I can't see schools getting into day care, but many cities have preschool with children as young as 3 years old. It makes it better for the schools because they are ready to go into the school system. Parents who don't want their children in preschool are the ones whose children are lagging behind.

Following the polls

I RESPECT the politicians who were initially opposed to the Iraq war. They did what they thought was right, and they've stuck with their convictions. However, those who initially supported the war and changed their minds as the polls changed lack integrity, character and, above all, conviction. Of the Republicans that have pulled their support of the war, practically all of them are up for re-election. These are the slimiest of the slimy. Making the right decision isn't always the most popular decision.

Parents are involved

THERE HAVE been several comments where people have tried to minimize the Leopold School District's top ranking. They cite small classes and this and that. But no one has mentioned it's probably because the parents are more involved with their children. Instead of letting their children run wild, they see that they perform like they should, and this makes the difference.

Trail graffiti

I WAS walking in Cape Woods and noticed a lot of graffiti on the bridge near the Osage Community Centre and also on the sidewalk going in the other direction. Some of the stuff is pretty disturbing. A lot of people use those paths. I wonder if anybody else has noticed it.

Low ratings

THE LEADERSHIP in Washington and the news media love to berate President Bush because of his low approval rating. His approval rating is 36 percent. Congress's approval rating is only 34 percent. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should get Congress to shape up.

Free at last

I AM tired of being made to feel that as a parent I have no common sense when it comes to my child. I'm sure there are problem parents and children, However, school officials are more than aware of who those parents and children are. Home schooling my child and getting him out of the public school system all together seems to be the best option. My child and I will be free at last from all of the craziness that consumes the public school system.

CEOs don't care

I BELIEVE most CEOs realize they are hurting American people when they move jobs offshore, but they don't care.

Early education

I'M GLAD to see Gov. Matt Blunt recognizes the importance of Parents as Teachers and early childhood education. The research is clear that programs like this help children be better ready for school, which saves school districts money in the long run by not having to spend money on remedial services later. I hope the Cape Girardeau School District will follow Blunt's lead and fund a preschool program. Not only would it be good for children and families, it would be cost effective for the district's services.

Our future

I THINK all schools in Missouri should be able to meet the standards set by the Leopold School District. The state should take whatever steps necessary to see that our children are given the opportunity and ability to achieve the same success as the children in this small school, whether it be make smaller classrooms, smaller districts, better teachers, better parents or anything else. It may difficult, time-consuming and expensive, but since our children are the future of our country and our communities, I would say our future depends on it.

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