Speak Out 1/25/07

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Doesn't make sense

MANY LARGE corporations are cutting the American job force so they can ship their work to other countries, because workers in the other countries will work for nothing. Do the CEOs realize they are hurting the American people they are supposed to protect and take care of? It doesn't make any sense to me. The CEOs of these companies can get richer because they pay workers less, yet our fellow Americans will starve and file bankruptcy.

Financial wisdom

WHEN CAPE Girardeau School District officials solicited for and got the funds for the school facilities it currently has, it should have planned for the repairs that would be needed, from unsafe bleachers to leaking skylights to aging boilers. The school district should get no additional funding until it learns to use what it has wisely.

Driving issues

I UNDERSTAND that teens cannot drive as well as older drivers. The part that upsets me is making teens wait until they're older to drive. If we do that, who is going to take the jobs at the fast-food restaurants and grocery stores? If these kids cannot drive themselves to work, do you think older people who think they don't want teens driving are going to do it? Teens need their independence too. I have older parents and in-laws, but they are capable of driving. If you know of someone who has Alzheimer's and is still driving, please make sure that person doesn't get behind the wheel. Help save a life.

Reasons to oppose

AS A loyal patron of the public library, I am opposed to the desire to build an addition. My reasons are the following: 1. The added cost would be an additional burden to homeowners (even 10 cents a day means 10 cents less to use for food or gas). 2. Children should be supervised by parents after school -- not the library staff (is it really a safe place nowadays?). 3. Money should be used to improve the contents of the library, not a fancy building with a coffee lounge (look at Southeast Missouri State University's, which is not used). 4. Why another big structure simply to improve the look of the city? 5. A special election for this measure is underhanded with the thinking that those opposed will not go to the polls. Homeowners, let's prove them wrong by going in impressive numbers and voting no on this unnecessary expenditure. It affects everyone, even those considering owning a home in the future and those who own a home but have low incomes.

Academic emphasis

WHY IS the small school at Leopold at the top of the list? Maybe the fact that it isn't heavily loaded down with sports. The pupils have time and energy to do the homework. Isn't that what school should be about instead of how many different sports it has won and carrying home trophies? Congratulations to Leopold.

Fighting terrorists

PRESIDENT BUSH does not care more about a foreign country than his own. He's trying to keep the war of terrorism from being fought on this land. There's just no free ride for the military. If you sign the papers, then you know you're called to serve. If you don't want to serve and the time comes, don't sign the papers that says you may have to sacrifice your life.

Shameful comment

I HAVE children of my own, and I'm pro-abortion. I care about children, but I also care about women. I don't want to ever see a woman go back to the coat-hanger abortion days. It was silly of Barbara Boxer to say Condoleezza Rice might be better for the nation because her energies are not taken away by children that require so much care and attention. Rice is brilliant. Shame on Barbara Boxer, as a woman, to put down another woman in a high place. Boxer is one more reason we need term limits.

Wonderful uniforms

I THINK school uniforms are the most wonderful idea that schools could implement. They save so much time and so much money. I have daughters who attended school where they wore uniforms. I don't see how the expense of the uniforms could ever be used as an argument against them. And they certainly level the playing field between the haves and have-nots. Uniforms impose discipline on the class without having to argue about it. I think they're wonderful.

Restoring old homes

REGARDING THE proper restoration of older homes of distinctive or simple architecture: Older homes are surrounded by well-acclimated landscapes. Even small fixtures of older homes are novel and should be reclaimed. With the price of new homes increasing, the romance and practicality of restoring older homes, which cannot be duplicated today, is rewarding.

Test all recipients

I'M TIRED of supporting drunks and drug addicts who draw Social Security disability, Missouri Medicaid and food stamps. There should be a law that it's mandatory for recipients to be tested for drugs and alcohol. And they should be kicked out until they sober up. If you're like me and you're tired of it, contact your legislators and let them know your concerns.

Doing what's right

I THINK it's wrong how Ted Kennedy says President Bush is trying to defy the nation and our will. I don't think that's true. I think Bush believes in what he's doing. This is no time for political grandstanding by Kennedy. I think our president is trying to do what he feels is right for our nation.

Not at my expense

WHY SHOULD taxpayers pay for somebody else's preschool care? No one paid for my kids.

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