Letter to the Editor

Lipke's leadership will be missed

Sunday, January 21, 2007

To the editor:I read with much disappointment the article concerning state Rep. Scott Lipke's not being reappointed to chair the Crime Prevention Committee in the Missouri House. It is Speaker Rod Jetton's call to make and live with, and I have personally voiced my deep disappointment in his decision. Lipke has a proven track record for being a great legislator not only for our district but across the state. Last year, Lipke was named the by Missouri Sheriff's Association as legislator of the year. The sheriffs of Missouri do not reward unworthy legislators.

Lipke has been instrumental in turning the Crime Prevention Committee into a crime-fighting machine. As a former prosecuting attorney, his ability to recognize and kill bad criminal laws before they can be enacted is priceless. His ability to identify good criminal laws and see them all the way through to passage is surpassed by none. Whether it was steering Missouri's tough anti-methamphetamine precursor law or protecting our children by steering Jessica's Law through to passage, Lipke was there. He also cleaned up poorly written laws and closed loopholes. His leadership in the area of criminal laws will be sorely missed.

Lipke has taken the high road, and I am sure he will continue to work hard at passing good criminal laws. His faith in God and the love of his family sustain him, and he stands taller than ever before. There are times in life when one does what he believes to be the right thing and someone else disagrees. Unfortunately, this is one of those occasions.

JOHN JORDAN, Sheriff, Cape Girardeau County