Letter to the Editor

Future of our heritage is fragile

Sunday, January 21, 2007

To the editor:Several of our friends mailed us the Dec. 17 "Lost and saved" article, which featured the house we owned at 218 S. Frederick. I applaud you for your efforts to raise awareness of the wonderful heritage Cape Girardeau has and how fragile its future is.

I do want to point out an error in the article. We sold the house to a party who assured us he would finish the renovation we had started. That family sold the House to St. Mary's Cathedral to be demolished.

I do not ascribe to the theory that the way to clean up a neighborhood is to demolish houses and displace poor families. Cape Girardeau lost the front of a whole block of wonderful old architectural styles due to this theory. It makes me sad.

DORIS DACE, Osage Beach, Mo.