Letter to the Editor

Alberta Loos: Beacon and mentor

Sunday, January 21, 2007

To the editor:E. Alberta Loos, whom I admired and respected, has passed this life to be with the Heavenly Father.

Her passing has saddened many people who knew her.

Mrs. Loos was first a Christian and a mother who loved her family. She was a volunteer in many places. And she was a retired schoolteacher.

She never stopped teaching.

She gave many hours of her time to tutoring and was recognized for the tutoring she offered to families and students from foreign countries, helping them learn English and study for U.S. citizenship.

She always wanted to put others' needs before hers. Her influence will linger in hearts of those she touched.

Mrs. Loos was highly thought of in the community and in other cities where she and taught. Mrs. Loos lived up to her ideals. Her life was like a beacon in the dark, a lighthouse on a stormy night.

She is gone, but her good deeds and works will live on in the lives and hearts she touched. She was my mentor and my friend. I will miss her, but I will lift up my grief-stricken head and move on, because I know that is what she would want us all to do.

Mrs. Loos planted many seeds during the years God granted her, and many of those seeds grew into beautiful, successful people.

Be it resolved that I and others will strive to imitate Mrs. Loos' good characteristics so that we can help to build a better world. I am grateful this woman touched my life.