Letter to the Editor

Confusing abbreviation

Thursday, January 18, 2007

To the editor:Thanks for the excellent article and a wealth of information about the progress and needs of our local schools in Sunday's Southeast Missourian. The accomplishments of the Leopold School District show us, among other things, how much it means to have the support of home and community. But I find plenty to be proud of in any of these schools.

A sad sign of our times, however, was in the data chart of district report cards from area schools. I scanned the list of school districts from top to bottom and found "State ave." at the bottom of the list. Where is the State Avenue School?

Then I got a little help from the column headings under "Ave. teacher experience" and "Ave. teacher salary." The lesson is: Don't rely on spell-check. Do your own thinking. Every source I have gives "ave." as an abbreviation for avenue and "avg." as the abbreviation for average. There is a difference.

Keep at it, kids.

KEN MOXEY, Cape Girardeau