Speak Out 1/18/07

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stop comparing

YOU SHOULD stop comparing Leopold to other school districts. It's apples and oranges. I wish you'd stop comparing school districts altogether. How about reporting the news? Let school districts worry about their schools, and you worry about your newspaper.

Better economy

HAS ANYONE noticed that President Bush was right about tax cuts? The federal government is taking in lots more tax money because the tax cuts caused the economy to grow. In fact, the federal deficit is shrinking rapidly because of the good economy. It takes about four years for tax cuts to start working, and it is over four years later now. Thanks to President Bush.

Heart-warming story

I DON'T even know the families of those two missing boys who were found, but that has been one of the most heart-warming stories I've ever heard. I'm sure both boys will have a long, hard road ahead of them, but may the blessings be to both of them and theirs.

Good news

GIVE THE glory to God that both of these young men were found alive. It's not too often we get to hear the good news we all heard today. My prayers go out to both of these young men and to their families. I cannot imagine what horrors they have been through. God bless you all.

Truly blessed

PRAISE GOD. To the Hornbecks: I am so thrilled to hear that you have your son back. I know the road ahead is going to be difficult, but your boy is alive and home where he belongs. How wonderful and miraculous. You are truly blessed.

Getting ahead

I AGREE gas station attendants work hard. I have done that job in the past. I worked my way up the ladder so I could make more than minimum wage. That is a starting wage, not a wage you have to stay at for your entire working life. It still hurts more than it helps raising it all the time. My insurance goes up, food goes up, but my wages do not go up $1.35 an hour. I also own a business in addition to a full-time job, but I will not be able to hire more help now. I still have to buy equipment, insurance and other things to run my business and make money for myself. No one owes me anything. I have to earn it.

Expansion is needed

THE CAPE Girardeau Public Library needs an expansion to help all the patrons of the library. People of Cape Girardeau sometimes have to wait for 30 minutes or more to use a computer, and the children's section to read books is small. Even if you rarely use the library, please vote for the small tax increase to help Cape Girardeau.

Season of lights

If Christmas is from Dec. 25 to Jan. 6, Christmas lights should only be up during that time. But since people put their lights up the day after Thanksgiving, a month before the Christmas season, it is only fair that Christmas lights come down Dec. 26. Fair is fair.

False security

Sam DeReign misses the mark somewhat concerning the DARE program. The problem is not that youths will have a quick fix, but that parents will be lulled into thinking that the drug problem is as simple to avoid as saying no. What's the answer to the epidemic in teen pregnancies? Say no. Next problem. My child has a DARE T-shirt. Now I can let down my guard. This program is too simple and lets parents off of the hook. The program is effectively a sacred cow and assured a spot in budgets regardless of studies citing its ineffectiveness.

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