Letter to the Editor

Limbaugh's actions betray his views

Sunday, January 14, 2007

To the editor:I have an answer (and a couple of questions) for Jane Gaffigan, whose letter was published Dec. 21. Gaffigan's letter said (in part), "Rush Limbaugh had been treated for an extremely painful back injury and had become addicted. Where, I ask, is the sympathy that is usually forthcoming for the victim? Does the fact that Limbaugh is conservative preclude him from such sympathy?"

On at least a couple of occasions in the past, Limbaugh has made it known that he favors throwing the book at drug abusers, and I have no knowledge that his own feet of clay on the issue have made him re-examine his views. Ergo, I have no sympathy for him.

Limbaugh routinely deals out grief and abuse in a cowardly fashion on his 15-hours-weekly radio talk show.

Sometimes, his call screener screws up big-time and allows on his show the occasional articulate opponent. The inevitable outcome is that Limbaugh goes for his disconnect button, from which his finger never is far. That he is conservative is irrelevant. That he is a pusillanimous bully violently tilts my answer to the affirmative.

My questions: Limbaugh traveled to the Dominican Republic, and upon returning he was found to be packing a supply of Viagra. If the currently unmarried conservative scold wasn't on a sex excursion to an impoverished nation, then why the Viagra, and why the Dominican Republic?

DONN S. MILLER, Tamms, Ill.