Speak Out 1/14/07

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Unkept promises

THOSE WHO believed the Democrats would fulfill their promises after they took control of the Congress have a lot to learn. There's not much going to be done. There has already been some backpedaling among Democrats on their campaign promises. Implementing all of the 9-11 commission's proposals was one thing the Democrats were going to do. The Democrats' campaign mantra in last year's election hit that over and over. But this would threaten the power of too many influential Democratic committee chairmen who fear that any consolidation would intrude into their turf, so Pelosi Democrats have decided not to implement this reform. Furthermore, Pelosi has also backed off her promise to open up the legislation process to allow open and full debate.

Unaffordable policy

AS A middle-class working American who has paid into Social Security, I am appalled that President Bush supports giving illegal immigrants Social Security benefits and that they only have to work only six quarters, compared to our 40. I thought Social Security was in jeopardy. Can we really afford this? I think this is slapping the hands that feed you.

Impact on prices

EVERYBODY SAYS if you get the cost-of-living raise or an increase in the minimum wage, prices will be raised on everything. Look at the price of gasoline. Look at your grocery bill. They went up before the minimum wage went up. Prices have been going up and up and up, and minimum wage has been sitting still. Why is that people are greedy? Doesn't the Bible teach us that the love of money is the root of all evil?

Dress code

I DISAGREE with the student questioning whether high school students should wear uniforms, particularly her argument that uniforms would eliminate cliques. You'd still have your cliques. There would still be girls with nicer handbags, and everybody knows they're more expensive. And nice shoes, even on boys. Uniforms aren't uniforms unless it's like the Army, where you have mandated shoes and handbags for the women. And there is the issue of jewelry. I'm not for uniforms in public schools. The principal should enforce the dress code to make sure these young women are wearing modest clothing to school. I think it's sad that mothers don't help their daughters make better choices.

End the divisions

WHY CAN'T we be one people in the United States, all Americans, instead of dividing us to white and black and Asian, Spanish, Mexican, whatever? Why do we have to have all of these different groups? That is what causes division in this country. If we want to get rid of segregation, we need to stop making a point of it. That is exactly what keeps this whole thing going. People feel like they're mistreated. They separate out this little group and say, "We are the mistreated ones." Everybody has the same opportunities and should be treated exactly the same way.

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