Speak Out 1/12/07

Friday, January 12, 2007

Long-lasting bulbs

I HAVE energy-saving light bulbs in my house. They're really good. I've had one in the stairway that's been there for eight years.

More than minimum

I DISAGREE with the comment that people on minimum wage deserve what they're being paid and that they aren't doing more than what needs to be done to deserve more than minimum wage. Gas station employees work hard. They mop the floors, run cash registers and perform numerous other chores. They're going beyond the call of duty all the time. If you're keeping busy, you're going beyond the call of duty. They deserve more than the minimum-wage increase. We're lucky we can run in at these convenience stores.

Trim your trees

I BELIEVE homeowners who has trees that may, in a storm, cause damage to utility lines should be responsible for keeping the tree trimmed. Think ahead and save yourself grief.

Need PSC audit

WHERE WAS was the Missouri Public Service Commission when the mayor and aldermen of Jackson increased electric rates much more than AmerenUE is proposing for Cape Girardeau? Remember, large rate increases at Farmington cost the mayor his job.

Take down decorations

I WISH all you would take your Christmas junk down. Christmas is over. Get rid of it. It's tacky and looks awful.

Raises and cuts

DURING THE minimum-wage debate, labor leaders kept saying that the business people were wrong and using scare tactics when they said they was either going to have to raise prices or let employees go if it was raised. It's interesting that on the front page of the Southeast Missourian the city says it is considering ways to pay for raises, including an increase in park fees or a reduction of part-time staff. They're going to have to raise prices for services or let staff go. That's what business people have been telling you for years.

Strange reduction

I WAS surprised to read the article in the paper about reducing the auditing staff at the Missouri Department of Revenue. It seems strange to reduce employees who are money generators for the state. I still think this is cutting off the hand that feeds us.

Glorified looters

I'M GETTING tired of people who call themselves businessmen and who are slowly running American companies out of business. A businessman is a person who puts the business before himself and lets the business grow. He gets rich by using his small portion from the business, but the business always comes first. The people who are running the big businesses in America are glorified looters. They suck the blood out of the business, put themselves first and let the business die. Don't blame capitalism. Put the blame where it should be. Blame these greedy looters.

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