Inspiration through frustration

Saturday, January 6, 2007
Christa Miller of Cape Girardeau discussed her new inspirational book, "Treasures of Godly Wisdom." (Fred Lynch)

Life might be easier if it came with an instruction book.

Christa Miller, of Cape Girardeau, has written a devotional book that points readers in the right direction for coping with life's struggles.

"Treasures of Godly Wisdom" identifies struggles people face on a daily basis, and leads them to verses in the Bible that address those challenges and help uplift the reader.

"God's word is for everybody," Miller said. "It doesn't matter who you are. God's word can help you overcome anything that rolls your way."

Miller began working on the book in January 2006; it was published by Holy Fire Publishing Company in November. She wrote sections of it during her busy days as a stay-at-home mom of 2-year-old Annabeth.

"Treasures of Godly Wisdom" was written by Christa Miller. (Fred Lynch)

"It was important for me to write it," she said. "God placed it on my heart to do it."

Miller says she understands the frustrations life can throw at people, and how easy it can be to take the wrong path when trying to escape those frustrations. She said her faith has always been strong, ever since she was a child struggling with issues in school.

"It was rough when I was going to school," she said. "I really did not have many friends. There were some pretty mean people I went to school with."

She learned to rely on God's word and to forgive.

"It helps to forgive one another, and at the same time the Lord will raise you up emotionally, and your self-esteem too," she said. "When all that passed, I was able to live a better life. The Lord taught me how to be steadfast in him."

Examining faith

The Rev. Ron Watts, pastor of LaCroix Methodist Church where Miller and her husband, B.J., are members, said "Treasures of Godly Wisdom" is the kind of devotional book people will want to refer to frequently.

"It's the kind of book you want to read little bits of every day and come back to now and then," he said. "Like other devotional books, it can be a regular source of inspiration."

"The book challenges the reader to examine their faith, friends and attitudes to distinguish if they line up with God's credentials in his purpose for their lives," said Freida Cardwell, a motivational speaker from Sikeston, Mo. "This life-changing book brings the reader to grasp the realization they can do all things through Christ who gives them strength."

Miller said the book is not aimed toward any particular demographic, but young wives and mothers might relate to it from Miller's standpoint. She refers to keeping one's spiritual house in order and compares life to keeping her own home in order.

Writing the book made her realize that "no matter how you have been treated in the past, God does have a plan for your life. He helped me overcome all those obstacles so I can be all that I am in Christ," she said.

Miller attended Union University in Jackson, Tenn., where she took Christian studies intending to become a Christian counselor. She met B.J. at college, and the two were married after he graduated.

Miller says she is already planning to write another book, a devotional guide for married couples. That will take a little time, she said. For now she is focusing on her family and on rejoicing in each day.

"Every day is a gift from him," she said. "Without him you cannot have a joyous life. If we did not have this wisdom where in the world would we be?"

"Treasures of Godly Wisdom" is available from, and locally from Barnes & Noble, Hastings and Gospeland Book Store.

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