All things must pass

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Please, bow your heads for a moment of silence for 2006.

It was a good year, it was a bad year, it was a year of "truthiness." It was a year that saw the situation in Iraq worsen, the death of James Brown, the formation of the Raconteurs and a Democratic election win. An odd year, right?

Some pretty weird stuff happened around here, too. Skid Row played at the Hushpuppy, "Killshot" came and went and has somehow disappeared, Rick Springfield came to town and, what a surprise, a country act almost sold out the Show Me Center.

But all of that is now behind us. We get a chance at a fresh start, a new chance to fix all the world's problems with just a few simple actions and words. Revolution is coming.

Yeah, right. If only change were that easy.

After surviving the hectic holidays -- family get togethers in five different towns, dodging drunk drivers on New Year's Eve (you weren't one of them, I hope) -- life is now returning to normal. And no matter what we expect from a new year, we always expect too much. The truth is, when all is said and done, Jan. 1 is just another day. Sure, a new year starts, but we humans will go on all the same. We measure our lives in days and decades, not in years, and I'll be doing the same thing on Jan. 29 that I did on Jan. 1, minus the hangover.

And as life goes on, so does OFF Magazine. Of course, we measure our time in months. Our only hope is that we get better, not worse.

In the interest of getting better, we packed up an issue with all kinds of cool stuff this month, and one big change.

You'll probably notice Nicole Stanfield is gone. We'll mourn her passing. She's not dead, though, OFF just wanted to find some fresh columnist meat. Enter Ilene Davis. She sells ads for us, but she's also quite fond of downtown Cape on the weekends. We hope you like her stuff.

Another change -- a hiatus for everyone's favorite metaliers, Rock Solid. The Solid is going away for a while, but Nate and Shiv are still going strong, as you see by their presence on our cover. Rock on.

Another big change coming -- the River Campus. The Campus doesn't open up until August, but we've got some news on their entertainment. Hope you like martial arts.

So, as we embark upon a new year, we at OFF look forward to sharing that year with you.

Now, here's OFF. Enjoy, and happy New Year.

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