Speak Out 1/3/07

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Below minimum

ONCE AGAIN the city finds a way to scrape the bottom of the barrel by ignoring the lowest paid employees. If the city keeps this up, it won't have any employees to work part-time because they can get better-paying jobs paying minimum wage. This is sad.

CATS on buses?

SUGGESTION TO Jeff Brune, executive director of the Cape Transit Authority: Southeast Missouri State University calls its transportation bus WINGS. That stands for "When In Need, Go Shuttle." Our new bus system should be called CATS for "Cape Area Transit System." Have Don Greenwood design and Craig Thomas paint huge, colorful fat cats all over the busses and vans. It would be catchy and memorable.

Menu selections

WHEN YOU serve fried chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, cookies, pizza and fried cheese sticks for Cape Girardeau School District lunches, how do you have the nerve to tell a mother she can't send cupcakes to school for her daughter's birthday?

A great time

THE CHRISTMAS Hoot upstairs at Port Cape was one of the best nights I've had in Cape Girardeau. The music and crowd were great. It was a fun time and raised money for a good cause.

Enjoy the column

DON'T FORGET to volunteer during 2007. It's supposed to make you live longer. Also, don't forget to go to church. That's supposed to make you live longer too. And if it doesn't, at least you'll live longer somewhere else when you die that will be pleasant. Keep up the good work, Dr. Michael Seabaugh. I enjoy your column, and I'm 73 years old.

Miss the sparkle

I MISS the Southeast Missouri State University students. They add sparkle to our dull town.

Cooking pralines

HERE'S WHAT'S so great about the Southeast Missourian. On Thursday Sam Blackwell tells us all about losing all that weight. Then on Friday Joe Sullivan tells us all about the best pralines he's ever tasted. No offense, Sam, I'm with Joe. Now we want that cook from Jackson to publish her recipe so we can get on with the new year.

Parking problem

WHY DON'T the police ticket people who park too close to the corner of Broadway and Main Street? You can't begin to see to turn. There are signs posted, but no one looks at them.

Shining star

KEEP UP the awesome column, TJ Greaney. You are a shining star at the Southeast Missourian.

Good dog walkers

I APPRECIATE seeing people walking their dogs on leashes with plastic bags in hand to pick up their dog's waste.

Unfriendly parking

THE STORE owners downtown should not be permitted to chastise customers who park in front of their businesses for several hours. I was treated rudely by a restaurant owner who said the parking space was for his customers only. I checked with the police, and it isn't true. It took me several hours to do all my Christmas shopping. Perhaps the mall would be a kinder, gentler place to shop.

Instant gratification

MY WIFE and I raised our son and daughter to believe that sex outside of marriage is wrong. Once they turned 21, I don't know if they remained virgins or not. But in our house, they knew that they better not be involved in a pregnancy. That's what's wrong with young people today: instant gratification with no thought to the future -- not even 10 minutes from now.

Legal power grab

THE ATTEMPT by state Sen. Jason Crowell to repeal the ex post facto provision in Missouri's Constitution (if successful, you could be prosecuted for something not against the law when you did it) may be the most extreme political power grab in the Show Me State's or any state's history. The fact that it would obviously violate the federal constitution doesn't detract from the frightening and eye-opening zealotry of this unbridled government attempt to establish a more authoritarian state government.

Weakening rights

IN RESPONSE to the story "Crowell seeks Bill of Rights change": Anyone who values liberty should be afraid of this change. It's doubtful that the German people would have acquiesced to Hitler's rounding up Jews, gypsies, communists, socialists, trade unionists and so forth and sending them off to death camps when he first ascended to power. Hitler had to first establish that some people were subhuman and unworthy of human rights, and he started with sex offenders. Anyone who thinks that this couldn't happen again is delusional. You can't single out one group for deprivation of civil rights without weakening those rights for yourself.

No big bills

WIFE TO husband: "Did you see what Jane's husband gave her for Christmas?" Husband to wife: "Did you see that I did not give you a big credit card bill that will take a year of scrimping to pay?" Wife to husband: "Thank you."

Phone intruders

I WOULD like to give advance notice to all telemarketers that I will never again contribute to a charity that solicits my contributions by phone. I have never purchased anything from a telemarketer. If I wanted or needed anything I would initiate the search and compare prices on my own. From now on, the same goes for charitable organizations, no matter how worthy the cause may be. Find some other way of contacting me besides using my unlisted number which is registered on the no-call list. We even got a telemarketing call to our hospital room recently. If we don't say no to these intruders into our homes and free time, when will they ever stop?

Covered with mud

I TRY running on the new sidewalk beside Capaha Park on the Parkview Street side. It is always covered with mud, and I have to run in the street.

Flag etiquette

WHILE PAYING respect to the passing of former President Ford by lowering the U.S. flag to half-staff, other flags should also be lowered or removed. Neither the Missouri flag nor a business flag should be above the U.S. flag. Read the rules of flag etiquette.

Christmas thanks

I DON'T know the person's name, but I do know that Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and an elf came to my house on Christmas morning and blessed my children with the best Christmas they have ever had in their entire life. I want to thank them. I wish them all many blessings in every way. I thank them so much because they didn't even know us, yet it was important to them that my children had a great Christmas. For me, that was the best day of the year, especially with all my struggles.

Thanks for phone

I WANT to thank the person who found my cell phone in Macy's and turned it in to the office. I was able to identify it and pick it up. I wish that person and everyone else a happy new year.

Special recognition

I DON'T know what criteria Time magazine used to pick all of us as Persons of the Year, but certainly all of us in America deserve to be appreciated. When President Bush first came into office, he did not recognize all of us. We have an educated electorate, and the president didn't't care enough to listen when the people said don't go to war because we don't believe that there are weapons of mass destruction. This year, all of us to deserve a big pat on the back for not electing some of his clones in Congress. I think it is great that we have a woman as speaker of the House. I think that we should wrap a big red ribbon around all of us who made a difference this year at the polls. That is what Time magazine should have recognized.

Slow pace

IS THERE anybody who can do anything fast in this town? It's almost like there is arthritis in the whole town, and nobody can do anything fast. It's all at a slow pace.

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