Speak Out 1/2/07

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Charging bull

NO, IT is not crazy for someone to be charged for the damages caused by a loose bull. Have your yard torn up and things destroyed, and you will agree.

Exempt medications

THE PERSON who stated he could be hauled off to jail for taking a over-the-counter medicine under the proposed new DWI law needs to see where the legislation says prescribed and over-the-counter medicines are exempt.

Dangerous talking

PEOPLE TALKING on their cell phones cause more car wrecks than alcohol. I think there ought to be a strict fine for people talking on cell phones and driving. The fine should be at least $250.

New decorations

I HOPE that whoever gets to be mayor of Jackson will do something about the Christmas decorations. The ones being used are really getting crummy looking. The city has had them for years.

Too much exposure

I CAN remember a time when girls wore skirts to cover their tights when they were cheerleaders. Their were no slits in the skirts. Now you would think they were ice skaters instead of cheerleaders representing a school. The school is supposed to have standards. I think it's pretty bad when your doing a squat and your skirt is not covering your tights in a newspaper photo.

Wage impact

SOMEONE COMPLAINED about his favorite diner raising the price of the buffet because of the minimum-wage increase. Compare some of your fancy burger places and BBQ places to the buffet. The buffet will give you all kinds of choices. You can eat all that you want. And most of them give you desserts. Compare that to the prices when you get sandwiches, fries and a drink. Should the people who work at diners starve to death?

Share the success

I'M ON a fixed income, but my heart goes out to the people who are forced to make a living at minimum age. I think we're idiots for doing business with establishments that pay cheap wages. They rob their employees. I'm glad to pay a little more money if that's what it takes to see that those hard-working people get what they deserve. I think that they have been under penny-pinching employers long enough. It is time that the employers share a little of their success, which is due to the minimum-wage people they have working for them.

Thanks for headlight

I WOULD like to say thank you to the two gentlemen who changed my headlight bulb in Hasting's parking lot last week. They went out of their way to help me. I thought that was nice. I appreciated it very much.

A decent man

PRESIDENT FORD brought decency to Washington politics. He became president at a time when America desperately needed him. He had a calm nature and goodwill toward all members of Congress of both political parties. I always respected and loved his words of wisdom: "You can disagree without being disagreeable." We could learn decency toward fellow Americans, but there will always be those among us who prefer divisiveness at the expense of others over the decency of President Ford. God will reward his goodwill and decency toward all Americans.

Best wishes

I AM sad that my favorite customers-service worker at City Hall is leaving. I wish Robin all the best, because she is such a beam of sunshine. She always greeted me with a smile and had a cheerful attitude. I would wait in her line every time I paid my bill, because of the cheer and laughter she spread would make my day.

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