Back in class after 50 years

Thursday, August 28, 2003

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The Jackson High School class of 1953 held its 50th class reunion July 5. Photographed were, front, from left, Joan (Philipps) Webb, Shirley (Parker) Statler-Grojean, La Fern (Morton) Cockrell, Anita (Wilson) Dickerson, Louanna (Dickerson) Kutscher, Joyce (Schenimann) Bruss, Erma (McLain) McDowell, Kenneth Seabaugh, Elwanda (Stroder) Seabaugh, Shirley (Zeller) Sebastian; second row seated, Evelyn (Wilkinson) Bowers, Jo Ann (Seabaugh) Kasten, Hilda (Weber) Grebing, Doris (Saupe) Schmidt, Mary (Hagans) Brown, Nancy (Ware) Ladreiter, Nancy (Vickrey) Kinder, Kathryn (Hines) Long, Ella Mae (Sides) Kuntze, Shirley (Sample) Young, Barbara (Ludwig) Bowers, Shirley (Ludwig) Bishop, Joann (Jones) Hahn, Jackie (Kasten) Strack, Don Shaner; third row standing, Wayne McClard, Robert L. Evans, Patsy (Thiele) Rubel, Patricia (Vick) Mongiello, Velma (Ackman) Sheppard, Truman Blackman, Roy Rubel, James Ross, Mary (Hahs) Hahn, Shirley (Petzoldt) Birk, Carl Reimann, Judy (Thompson) Litzelfelner, Margie (Statler) Reisenbichler, Robert Mirly, Harriet (Reisenbichler) Drusch, Carolyn (Sander) Stehr, Ellodean (Philipps) Knight; fourth row standing, John Ellis, John C. Hoffmeister, Weldon Phelps, Wilbur McBay, Jerry McDowell, Bob Lewis, Leonard Mirly, Jackie (Hager) Becker, Lonnie Bangert, William Felter, George Mac Miller, Lester Maevers, Rodney Ladreiter and Jim Kinder. Deceased classmates include Bill Bowers, Emogene (Burgfeld) Schnurbusch, Milton Crader, Delmar Eggiman, William K. Hahs, Jerry Hormann, Madaline (Johnson) Bieser, Richard Koeppel, Donald Renne, Audrey (Roe) Langston, Larry Sides, Eloise (Sieck) Steele, Jerry Statler, Dorothy (Ussery) Farrow, Jim McNeely, Roger Hecht and Dick Myer.Southeast Missourian

The Jackson High School class of 1953 held its 50th class reunion at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Jackson on July 5.

Jim Kinder was the Master of Ceremonies and Bill Felty gave the invocation. Mac Miller read a poem and announced the names of deceased classmates. The group gave a donation of $701.20 to the Jackson High School Scholarship Fund in support of their 1953 class motto "Striving Ever Onward." Dr. Carol McDowell presented excerpts from her book, "The History of the Band Program at Jackson High School."

Planning committee members included Jackie (Kasten) Strack, Lester Maevers, Wayne McClard, George Mac Miller, Rodney Ladreiter, Bill Felty, Joann (Jones) Hahn, Shirley (Parker) Statler-Grojean, Doris (Saupe) Schmidt, Ellodean (Phillips) Knight, Erma (McLain) McDowell and Harriet (Reisenbichler) Drusch.

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