Viewpoint: Elections mean new direction for business

Monday, December 18, 2006

For many, the last election results may signify a new direction in the local and national business cycle. In our local area, it has always been a slight change, regardless of political party. This area is conservative in its business and family practices, and reflects the same in both our local political parties, with perhaps some differences in their philosophy.

What I can hope to expect in 2007 is more dialogue between the White House and Congress on issues that the American voters requested in the last election. I can also hope for peace in Iraq, with favorable results; for Veterans programs to be reestablished, which have been eliminated or phased out for budget reasons; energy policies for the average citizen and not for the few; and social programs that address all Americans. Also, immigration reform that makes common sense is on the lost, and then there are the ongoing government projects that pretty much stay the same during any business cycle. We have seen local markets fluctuate over the years, not in a boom or bust manner, but with a ripple, and for the most part, I could expect business as usual. It is said that whoever controls the White House may place on its agenda a plan of action, but it takes years to implement these ideas and you can bet that the administrative staff (people who work in Washington from one administration to another) are the ones who would actually affect your pocketbook. Supply and demand, either you want it or you can wait for it, will depend on a number of factors, but I really do not think a change in a political Senate race or Congress will drastically do much, except to be more centralized in their positions. In fact, I believe this would set up a better check and balance for both, as our forefathers envisioned, with more serious considerations given for America as a whole.

Thomas M. Meyer owns Exit Realty in Cape Girardeau and is a Democratic Party supporter.

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