Building permits and licenses

Monday, December 18, 2006

Building Permits

Commercial building permits recorded at the Cape Girardeau Division of Inspection Services Office during November

* DSW Development, 3443 William, Suite A., DSW Development, remodel, $20,000

* S&H Construction, 1131 Kingshighway, Suite 2B, S&H Construction, remodel, $9,000

* DSW Development, 3443 William, Suite B, n DSW Development, remodel, $8,000

* Flentge Construction, 1610 N. Kingshighway, Flentge Construction, new building (JJP), $2,500,000

* Morton Buildings Inc., 776 Enterprise, Morton Buildings Inc., new building, $70,000

* Sunny Hill Pet Center, 335 S. Christine, Charles Herbst-Architect, remodel, $14,500

* DSW Development, 330 S. Silver Springs Road, DSW Development, remodel, $50,000

* Tim Estes Construction, 760 S. Kingshighway, Suites L&H, Phillip B. Smith-Architect, remodel, $25,000

* Boulder Construction, 20 N. Main, Levine Associates, remodel, $150,000

* City of Cape Girardeau, 1846 Perryville Road, RCP Shelters Inc., new building (pavillion), $14,000

* Craig Wheeler Contracting, 147 West Park Mall Road, Keystone Design Inc., remodel (Backyard Grill), $1,000

Commercial building permits recorded at the Jackson Inspections and Permits Office during November

* Ted Williams, 2579 E. Jackson Blvd., contractor not listed, remodel (Arby's) $200,000

* Frederick Sheet Metal, 225 E. Main, Frederick Sheet Metal, remodel, $7,000

Business Licenses

Cape Girardeau County

Business licenses recorded at the Cape Girardeau Collector's Office during November

* BMAC Supply, 6009 Highway W, Jackson

* Buffington Concrete, 237 Alpine, Cape Girardeau

* G&G, 1102 W. Main, Jackson

* Richards Auto Service, 922 Highway C, Jackson

* SEMO Motor Co., 3248 E. Jackson Blvd., Jackson

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