Letter to the Editor

Letter produces plenty of laughs

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To the editor:Occasionally a letter starts my day with a bit of jocularity, and the recent hate letter from Jeremy Bosco gave me my big laugh of the day.

I agree that Rush Limbaugh was a little over the top on Michael J. Fox, and I believe he apologized for it. However, Fox put himself up for criticism when he decided to inject himself into a partisan political arena.

Bosco called Rush a drug abuser. I wonder how many people he knows have become addicted because of pain treatment by the medical community. I have known many in my lifetime. Space does not permit me to explain the foolishness of his remarks.

His remarks alleging that Rush is not well-liked or respected were more than funny. They were hilarious. Bosco should quit drinking his partisan Kool-Aid and look beyond his circle of liberal friends.

He needs to consider being a comedian. He appears to be a funny man.

BILL PALMER, Bakersfield, Calif.