Letter to the Editor

Be positive and show your smile

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To the editor:When a former sports stadium has been converted into a ministry and can draw the attention of more than 1,000 worshippers each Sunday morning, something good must surely come of it.

Much credit and praise is certainly given Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church in Houston for his advice and courage each Sunday morning.

Osteen, who is a firm believer in thinking positive, urges everyone to do so. When he said "Don't take your troubles with you; leave them at home," he hit the nail right on the head.

Have you noticed the expression of disgust seen on the faces of the audience at Dr. Phil's afternoon show? I don't think a photograph of it would have brought joy to any of them.

Is the desire to appear on television so great that people will go to all lengths in exposing their personal life? Does respect or pride no longer have a place? Oprah Winfrey on occasion will air a similar talk show in the afternoon.

It is natural for people to vary in personality. The chronic complainers, however, will always be around.

Try to strike a happy medium. Follow Joel Osteen's advice and think positive and don't carry your troubles with you. Let a smile be your umbrella, and you will see the difference.

It works every time. Believe me.

PAULA E. KEMPE, Cape Girardeau