Results of last week's online poll

Monday, December 11, 2006

In light of last week's winter storm which has left several thousand people across Missouri and Illinois without power, do you want a white Christmas this year? Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100. (494 votes)

* Yes: 62 percent

* No: 34 percent

* Undecided: 4 percent


* "Just snow, no ice, please!"

* "Snow -- not ice!"

* "I am presently in Georgia and it just wasn't the same watching the Christmas parade while getting a sunburn! Perhaps a light snow that will melt at daybreak?"

* "I want a REAL white Christmas. A real white Christmas is waking up to fresh unexpected white holiday snow on Christmas morning. Just enough to cover everything in white, but not so much that keeps people from driving to their holiday destinations."

* "Yes, but not this cold!"

* "No. Not because of last week but because there are too many people on the roads and in the skies just wanting to get home to their families for the holidays."

* "A little white."

* "How odd that we equate snow with the Christmas spirit."

* "I would rather the roads be clear for all those to travel and spend the time with family and loved ones."

* "Snow without ice is beautiful and good. Ice is pretty, also, but very dangerous."

* "My Corvette doesn't handle very well in snow."

* "I can run my triple-wide trailer off a generator or two, so bring 'er on."

* "Yes. The fact that power companies can't seem to get their act together isn't going to dampen my Christmas."

* "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!"

* "Bah, humbug to snow on Christmas. It makes travel difficult."

* "I live in Florida now. I don't ever want another white Christmas!"

* "Of course, there is nothing better than the story of Jesus and the snow falling."

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