Speak Out 12/11/06

Monday, December 11, 2006

Protect the children

THANK YOU to the person who reported someone abusing a child. I wish more people would open their mouths about children being slapped, cursed, kicked and even punched by their parents. So many people see this happen and turn away. Children depend on their parents to protect them. Some children need to be protected from their parents. I always call the police department when I see a child being mistreated. Children deserve better. Let's step up and protect these innocent angels.

Millions for Mars

IT'S EXCITING to hear that all the money we've poured into exploring Mars has resulted in finding there may have been water on that planet. Even more exciting is the anticipation that all these millions of dollars will surely improve our country and our lives in some way.

License in Iraq

LIBERTY IS not a desired end in and of itself. We are finding out the hard way in Iraq that liberty can lead to license.

Walking on campus

THE PARKING problems at Southeast Missouri State University have been going on for years. The situation there is better than when I attended from 1989 to 1994. Now there are shuttle busses to take the students where they need to go. I don't think those are necessary. They are a waste of money. College students are getting fat and lazy. I hated walking to my classes, but I was in the best shape of my life for doing so. I think teachers and staff should have to walk across campus as well.

Too young for pills

IN REGARD to the woman who pleaded guilty for having her daughter on birth control pills at the age of 12: Why did a physician prescribe them to a child this young? I believe whoever prescribed them is also guilty.

Fewer math classes

MIDDLE SCHOOL and junior high school parents should be asking a lot of questions about why the junior high is changing from currently teaching four levels of math to just two next year. It is not good for math students of such varied abilities to be lumped together. Students at both ends of the learning spectrum are going to be hurt by this move.

Tell us more

I LOVED the "Candy calamity" story. I can definitely relate to cooking attempts gone wrong. I hope to read more about Jennifer Freeze's attempts in the kitchen.

Cooking up a storm

I GOT a kick out of reading Jennifer Freeze's "Candy Calamity" feature. I can't believe how much she reminded me of me when I am in the kitchen. I can't wait to see what she tries to cook up next.

Losing our freedoms

REGARDING NEW York City's ban on trans-fats at restaurants: Those who see no problem with government interfering in our lives to the point of protecting us from ourselves either have their heads in the sand or will always be content with allowing our government to do their thinking for them. These kinds of laws are scary, considering that our freedoms are being chipped away bit by bit.

Focus on roads

IF JAY Purcell and Gerald Jones on the Cape Girardeau County Commission would stop trying to look like heroes to the public and start looking out for the best interests of the county roads, I believe the voters would benefit much more. Every dealing I have ever had with commissioner Larry Bock has been a positive experience. He's returned my calls. He's been respectful even when he couldn't help my situation. It seems the new sales tax has made everyone greedy. Everyone needs to take a step back and be thankful that it passed.

Grabbing power

I WAS sorry to read of the passing of Jean Kirkpatrick. However, her thesis that there is a world of difference between totalitarian (the Soviet Union) and authoritarian (South American strongmen) dictatorships and that the former are much more pervasive and less likely to fall from power was wrong.

Police challenge

I WOULD challenge anyone who thinks police officers are always going to be able to decide, in a split second, about the level of force necessary to subdue a dangerous individual, and do so without mistakes, to put on the uniform and serve somewhere like south-central Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis or New York. Most of you numskulls would probably shoot someone within the first 24 hours. Tragedies are going to happen, because cops are human beings who will occasionally make mistakes. I'm a soldier who would rather go back to Iraq or Afghanistan than be a cop in the U.S. My life expectancy would be greater.

Voucher fairness

A WORD about private-school vouchers: Those of us who would like to have vouchers to send our children to private schools only want what we are paying for. The private grade school we send our children to costs $1,200 a year for each child. High school will cost about $3,200 a year for each child when they start there next year. The last figure I saw for Cape Girardeau public schools was $6,500 a year for each student. We are not wealthy. We are a middle-class family. We do without many things in order for our children to get a private-school education. By being frugal when we were first married, we were able to purchase a nice home in a nice neighborhood. We both work. Our property taxes over our lifetime will pay for our children to have a private education in these schools several times over. Right now, our taxes go to a school system that has police officers, metal detectors and drug dogs. What would be wrong with us either getting a voucher or a tax credit on the private-school tuition we pay? Why isn't that fair?

Emergency plans

IN THE interest of emergency preparedness for this area, I have a suggestion. Why not mobilize schools, churches and firehouses to provide space to store emergency supplies such as food, water, blankets and medical and sanitary supplies for at least 50 people for three days? These are natural gathering places, and most have facilities to house this many easily. As for the cost, I believe most people would donate funds to stock a local shelter. Or perhaps there are homeland security grants to help cover the costs. Surely the Red Cross and Salvation Army would appreciate having supplies already stockpiled in these areas rather than all in one facility that might become inaccessible. This amount of supplies could be stored in one large closet and might save many lives in an emergency.

Pertinent info

SARA EVANS' recent divorce is not considered irrelevant by those on the far-right Christian community and must be duly reported. Thank you, reporter Matt Sanders.

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