Letter to the Editor

Police can be intimidating

Friday, December 8, 2006

To the editor:In response to the Opinion-page article "Police overkill: Death of Cape Girardeau native draws national attention":

Why do you think everyone from children to the elderly are afraid when they are stopped by the police? I ride a motorcycle, and when I get pulled over the police request backup, maybe because I have an artificial arm and the hook scares them. Right away they ask for my ID and have their hands on their guns. Then they ask where I'm going and a lot of personal questions that I don't think they have a right to ask.

The big gangs out there in my thoughts are DEA, CIA, FBI and SWAT police. These guys intimidate me, because I know they can shoot me on the spot and say I was reaching for a weapon or something,

This country is getting to be like the Soviet Union was in the old days. You have to watch your back because of those who are supposed to protect you.

SHAGG PARRY, Marilla, N.Y.