Speak Out 12/8/06

Friday, December 8, 2006

Bogus testing

I ATTENDED a meeting where two trained teachers explained how the MAP test is scored. It is completely subjective. When they weren't sure how to grade a question, they summoned a team of DESE supervisors for assistance, and the whole group debated the answer and the final point value it should receive. Surely the legislature will see the ridiculous waste of taxpayer money and get rid of this bogus evaluation.

Police monitoring

I LOVE to hear all the Monday-morning quarterbacking on police officers. Too many people don't have what it takes to do the job. They want to point out what the police do wrong but never want to say thanks for all the right they do all the time. Most want them around in a hurry when they need them, but hate them when the cops are there to tell them they did wrong.

Central parking

MANY STUDENTS accept tickets as a necessary penalty because they cannot find parking spaces. Southeast Missouri State University needs more parking garages. Garages need to be the model for parking, replacing the sprawling-asphalt model the university now embraces. The garages need to be on the central campus, not in the Pig Lot. The garages can be designed to be attractive and practical, as they are on the campus of the University of Missouri.

Irrelevant information

I WAS thrilled when I read that Sara Evans will be coming to the Show Me Center. I was outraged when I got to the third paragraph and read about her recent divorce. What does her divorce have to do with her performance at the Show Me Center? Her divorce is none of our business. I am ashamed of the Southeast Missourian and Matt Sanders for including this information in the article. It was irrelevant information.

Cell phone indigestion

WHEN IS any restaurant in Cape Girardeau going to have the strength to say ban cell phones? It drives me nuts to have to listen to loud conversations and the music that signals a call is coming through. I am paying a babysitter to spend time with my wife. I don't need to be bothered with your phone calls. Stay home and talk.

Fathers' rights

MY WIFE is employed full time and makes good money. I have full custody of our children. I did not ask for a garnishment of her wages at the time of the divorce. Now she rarely pays child support. I have decided to go back to court and get what is due the children. Why should they do without things just because she chooses to spend her money on manicures, a big sport utility vehicle, shopping at the mall and trips with her boyfriend? Fathers need to stand up for their rights, and judges need to stop feeling sorry for moms and hear the real story.

Board with backbone

I HOPE we get candidates with some backbone to run for the Cape Girardeau School Board. I'm tired of the rubber-stamping that's going on. Board members need to be able to stand up to the superintendent and ask questions. It is their responsibility to guard our interests, not just turn all the decision-making over to the superintendent.

Fending for ourselves

REGARDING DISASTER preparedness and the Red Cross: I was alarmed to read that we are on our own. How can the Red Cross help tsunami victims and then say there is no help for us. I understand there is no help in the event of a major earthquake, but I cannot believe there is not some kind of plan in place. Why do foreign countries get help quickly while Americans are told to fend for themselves?

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