Speak Out 12/6/06

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Immigrants serving

IMMIGRANTS SERVE in the military -- and thanks to all who serve. But only about 5 percent of the military is immigrant, and immigrants are 11.5 percent of our total population, so they are underrepresented, not overrepresented, as most news stories imply.

Police have reasons

I FIND it difficult to believe that the Southeast Missourian printed an editorial about the death of Derek Hale. We don't know why Derek Hale was shot except for the fact that he did not hold up his hands in the open as ordered by the police. That is why he was Tasered. Eyewitnesses may not think it was necessary to shoot, but the police have their reasons for the safety of themselves and the public.

What hurricanes?

IN 2005, terrible hurricanes hit the United States. Lots of people blamed those hurricanes on global warming, and they blamed global warming on President Bush because he didn't endorse the right treaties. What happened in 2006? There weren't any hurricanes. Maybe there isn't any global warming. Maybe it's not Bush's fault. What do you think?

Build more parking

I LIVE near Southeast Missouri State University and see students walking all the time. The issue is not about the students walking. It's about the unfair parking tickets they are receiving because of the limited parking. I think Southeast should stop constructing buildings for a short time and add some parking for the students. Selling more permits than parking spots doesn't make sense to me.

Needed truck route

THE OPINION about the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge going from "nowhere to nowhere" needs to be changed to "somewhere to somewhere." Trucking lanes from the Florida-Atlanta area to the Northwest are frustrating when it comes to crossing Missouri. Why not extend I-24 across the Emerson Bridge to I-70 west of Kansas City? Then Miami-to-Seattle travel would be a breeze for truckers. If you have driven I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City recently, you know that it is a crowded racetrack. St. Louis and Kansas City both are drowning in their traffic congestion and smog. Why route more truck traffic through them?

Taking credit

ARE WE always going to blame someone else for what we do? Is it possible that credit-card debt is the cardholder's responsibility? How is it the president gets the blame for everything? Is it just most convenient to forget that somehow Congress shares the blame for high deficits? I blame the Republican-controlled Congress for being spineless and not getting done what the American people wanted.

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