Letter to the Editor

Rush Limbaugh brings no honor

Sunday, December 3, 2006

To the editor:This is to the two people who wrote to praise Rush Limbaugh. How can a man who has shown himself to be a drug abuser bring honor to any place, much less Cape Girardeau? Is this is your idea of honor: to be a hatemonger and a drug abuser? That's idiocy.

Dr. Dorothy Munch was right when she said that Limbaugh's comments in reference to Michael J. Fox were cruel. I'm sure Limbaugh brought Fox to task by giving his opinion on something he has no knowledge about, except for the use of the pills. I'm not an expert myself, but at least I don't give my opinions when I've never used drugs before in my life.

As far as I've seen, Limbaugh is not well-liked and respected -- definitely far from it, and he doesn't tell it like it is. In reality he only tells what's going on in his own mind and puts down anyone who disagrees with him.

JEREMY BOSCO, Cape Girardeau