Letter to the Editor

Kilt issue is about basic rights

Sunday, December 3, 2006

To the editor:In response to the recent Speak Out comment "Can of worms": Does the person making the comment know the Warmack family? Has he met with their son to see if he is a man of good character?

Nathan Warmack wore his kilt out of respect for his heritage. It is simply a wrong statement to say that Nathan was a troublemaker in school. He has the highest respect for most of the staff, especially the football coaching staff.

Being told he could not wear a kilt was a clear violation of Nathan's constitutional rights as well as a violation of the non-discrimination act of 1964. If we as free Americans do not stand up for our smaller rights, how long will it be before we have none left?

My wife and I have voted for every bond issue when money was needed for our schools. I spend many hours recording the player intro music for the football team, which I hear is among the best high school player intro in the state. We support this district wholly, but we will not, now nor ever, allow someone in power to take from us what many of our countrymen and women have given their lives for: our rights, guaranteed to us by our Founding Fathers and our Constitution.