Letter to the Editor

Starving for leadership

Sunday, December 3, 2006

To the editor:The USDA estimates that 35 million Americans could not put food on the table at least part of last year. In response, the Bush administration has stopped using the words "hunger" or "hungry" to describe the millions of Americans who can't afford to eat. Instead of suffering from hunger, his administration will now say these people are experiencing "very low food security."

The first step in problem-solving is identifying the problem. Instead, President Bush is hiding the problem by giving it a vague description. Obviously, he is either not serious about dealing with hunger or lacks basic problem-solving skills. My money is on both.

America is starving for a real leader. Bush's inability to respond effectively and sanely to natural disasters, terrorism, corruption and hunger proves he isn't qualified for the job. Gross incompetence may not be an impeachable offense, but there are many criminal activities to prosecute. Authorizing warrantless wiretaps, torture, genocide in Iraq, and kidnapping a.k.a. "renditions" are just a few. Bush has got to go. The only way to solve America's "very low leadership security" problem is through impeachment.

EDDIE LOPEZ, Cape Girardeau