Local senior unable to care for himself due to injury

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mr. B, 75, lives alone and is unable to take care of himself due to his recently broken arm. He does not receive Medicaid and has been dependent on volunteers, friends and neighbors to help with his needs. His caseworker says he's been eating poorly, due to his broken arm, making it difficult to cook and feed himself.

A new, undiagnosed health problem has recently come up, making him unsteady and prone to falling. A Wal Mart gift card would be very helpful for Mr. B so volunteers could shop for him. Because of his unsteadiness, getting out to the store is difficult for him to do on his own.

His limited income includes Social Security but after paying bills, there's little left over for clothing.

Mr. B is not fussy so any color or any brand of jeans, shirts or shoes would make his Christmas very happy. He wears a 32-30 in jeans, an 8 1/2 in shoes and large shirts.

Mr. B's poor health situation might seem less overwhelming with some new personal items.

Please remember Mr. B at Christmas when shopping for your Christmas gifts, knowing that your independence is an asset that can be shared with those who have become dependent by no choice of their own. Donating the items or contributing cash to provide for any of the items would be make the spirit of Christmas shine for someone in an otherwise dull situation.

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