Letter to the Editor

Stores need better access

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To the editor: I took my mother to the mall in Cape Girardeau. She and I were in tears by the time we left there. My mother has to use a power chair to get around. It's not that the crowd of people that was the problem. The stores were the problem. I don't believe we should have to move displays out of the way to get down an aisle in a store. She had to leave one store because the displays where so close together there was no room for her to turn around. She had to back out of the store, which was embarrassing to her.

I'm writing this so the new mall owners and the stores in the mall might be a little more mindful that not everyone can walk into their stores and shop. Some people have to use power chairs or wheelchairs to get around. The mall offers handicapped parking, But what good is it once the customers get into the mall they can't get into several of the stores. Please fix this.

J.D. WHALEY, Cape Girardeau