Speak Out 11/21/06

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Planning ... for trip?

One of my daughter's teachers at Central High School was pumping gas in the middle of the morning on a weekday. When I asked if he was out sick, he said he was on his planning period. Why would he get to leave the building and buy gas if he's supposed to be at his desk planning? It sounds like the principal doesn't know where his teachers are.

Orderly cycle

In my 69 years, I have seen both Republicans and Democrats in office. This election is a part of that cycle. Sometimes if the change later proves to not have been a good one, it can be corrected in another cycle without having created a disaster.

Need more police

I have heard that a lot of the time there are only four and five police officers patrolling Cape Girardeau. With shooting incidents increasing and people complaining about not seeing enough officers in their neighborhood, the city should increase the number of officers. Cape is not getting any smaller. We need more public safety. Isn't that what we voted for not long ago?

Perpetual increases

What does a minimum-wage increase mean for the economy? Ask the late economist Milton Friedman: "Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon." If you increase the money supply artificially (increase minimum wage), inflation will occur. Missouri voters have begun a self-perpetuating cycle by increasing minimum wage as the CPI increases, which will in turn increase the CPI, and so on.

Can't spell

My great-niece is a sophomore at Central High School. She can't spell and has no idea about letters having certain sounds. How could she have gotten this far in school and not know how to spell?

More live music

Why can't Cape Girardeau have decent bands during the week? Some college students work on the weekends and can only go out during the week. There isn't any live music worth listening to at any of the bars.

Chewing secretary

Every time I go to my doctor's office, the secretary is eating at her desk. Surely there is a breakroom. I don't appreciate looking at chewed-up food in her mouth while she talks to me and talks on the phone.

Kids come first

I HAVE supported my family and worked two jobs. My employers have always allowed me time off to attend things at my kids' school. Conferences are important. My kids will always know that they are more important to me than any job.

Laughing at the law

I KEEP a pad in my car and write down license numbers when I see someone litter. I took my list to the police station in Jackson, and the officer laughed at me. Why make a law if you don't plan to enforce it?

Tough on guns

SO MANY kids carry guns these days. The only way to deal with this situation is to give them a minimum of 20 years in prison for any crime committed while using one.

Welcoming newcomers

AS A grandson of immigrants, I recognize that the United States draws newcomers because our Founders established a civil society in which ordinary citizens can lead rewarding lives, not because legions of prior immigrants left unpromising situations to come here. And even if immigration had dominated American history, this shouldn't guide 21st century decisions now that our population exceeds the land's carrying capacity.

License problems

MY SON received tickets over 12 years ago in Illinois for having no insurance. His license was suspended. Now he cannot get a driver's license until he goes to court in Illinois and pays the fines plus penalties and interest. Meanwhile, he's living in a small town in Missouri and has no transportation to find a better-paying job. He also has no way to pay the exorbitant fees to required to get a license. No wonder so many people drive without licenses, which, of course, means without insurance. Why is there no statute of limitations on something as minor as traffic violations?

Church freedom

TO THE person who said churches need to get their noses out of politics: You have it backwards. The government cannot get involved in religion. Read the First Amendment. Government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion. If it is some people's religion to stand up for the innocent lives of the unborn, injustices, or tyranny, then good for them. At least they are getting involved. And if we use your logic, all the stem-cell research charities should not be tax exempt.

Costly care

UNDER WHAT part of the Constitution are we citizens required to pay for the hospital care for illegal aliens? A Rand Report says it was only $1.1 billion in 2000. Do you think it's less today? That doesn't count the health costs for the resident-children of illegal aliens.

Taxing churches

I NOTICED a comment about churches "meddling" in politics, suggesting that they should lose their tax-exempt status. The money churches receive has already been taxed at least twice. A church is not some big entity with a life of it's own. It is made up of its members, and it is the members who take political stands in keeping with what they believe as members of that church. Each of those members has the right of free speech. If they choose to use their church organization as a forum to speak out on political issues, they have that right just like any other organization. It seems that for many people, as long as the churches agree with what you want, they are allowed to speak out, but if they disagree they need to be punished. This is hypocrisy at its best.

Safer streets

I AM a resident of Morley. I would like to thank the Morley Police Department and the Scott County Sheriff's Department for the great job they did. You guys make our streets safer every time you take drug dealers and guns off the street. Thank you.

Bogus pledge

LESS THAN 4 percent of all Americans earn the minimum wage. People have fallen for the Democrats' bogus pledge to help the middle class when the middle class isn't affected by the wage increase. The only thing the Democrats are going to do for the middle class is reinstitute the draft.

Parking profit

I WAS a little shocked when I went to Southeast Missouri State University's campus. I was going there as a favor for the university. There was only one small area designated for visitor parking, and this area was full. After driving all over campus, I decided to park at a parking meter. I was shocked to see that it cost $2 for one hour of parking. In bigger cities that I have visited, it costs nowhere near that amount. I find it sad that SEMO is capitalizing on its small amount of parking.

Adoption search

SOME 40 years ago I was whisked away from the community and placed in a home for unwed mothers. As an ignorant teen I allowed family, clergy and friends to insist my child be given up for adoption. When I came to after the birth, everyone acted like there was no baby, that all was well and that in a few days I would go back home and resume my life with no after thoughts. Wrong. I've searched and come up empty-handed and empty-hearted over all these years. It seems like all records and people associated with the adoption have vanished. I have never wanted to force a personal relationship with my son. But I wanted him to know the facts of his existence. My family knows about him. Our children would love to meet their other brother, but the laws won't allow it. There should be open adoptions nationwide. Records should be opened if one of the parties wishes, especially after the child reaches age 18 or 21. I'd like everyone to know that when we gave up our rights to a child, we also gave up a part of ourselves, always and forever.

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