Speak Out 11/18/06

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Attendance required

IF MEMBERS of the planning and zoning commission do not show up for meetings, what good are they? The most important thing is to show up. Everything else is secondary. The city council should have appointed someone who will show up.

Leaves in drains

REGARDING CAPE Girardeau's flooded roads: Stop pushing leaves down the storm sewers. We are clogging up the outlet for all of our rainwater. Your yard waste will not magically disappear. Bag it up like a responsible resident, and our streets will drain as they were intended.

Think for yourself

PEOPLE IN Southeast Missouri have been whining about the St. Louis vote. St. Louis is occupied by thousands of Southeast Missourians. The only difference is that they have seen some of the differences in culture and beliefs and have used their head to think instead of placing a ball cap on it. If the people in Southeast Missouri would think for themselves instead of letting other people tell them how to think, they would learn something in the process.

Skimpy clothing

MY DAUGHTER is a waitress. Her employer encourages her to wear skimpy tops and low-cut khakis. As long as she's in a black shirt and khakis, he doesn't care. We have had many arguments about her appearance. I hope the public speaks up and changes things in Cape Girardeau. I went to see the aprons at Grace Cafe, and I want to thank the owner for making a sound decision.

Plenty to see

IT'S GOOD to know where we can go and not have to look at exposed stomachs while we eat. There should be a dress code for waitresses. It would solve the problem of my wife slapping my arm because I spend so much time looking and not eating.

GOP dissatisfaction

WHILE THE Democrats had the help of "universities, Hollywood and all the major networks," as one caller put it, during the recent election, the Republicans lost badly with the help of corporate America, the American Medical Association and drug and insurance companies. Do you not think one possibility for the GOP loss was total dissatisfaction with GOP rule? That was my reason for voting as I did.

Waiting in the cold

THE TRANS-Siberian Orchestra was awesome. But the Show Me Center needs to rethink its rules. It was cold and rainy with handicapped and elderly ticketholders standing outside waiting to get in. It would be unfortunate if these people came down with something because the Show Me Center didn't have staff in place to let us in at the scheduled time, much less a little early.

Parking problems

I ATTENDED the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. The parking was horrible. There was no one to direct traffic. For the price of the tickets parking needs to be better. People were waiting 45 to 60 minutes to park. This needs to be improved. You cannot enjoy the show due to the stress of finding a parking spot.

Family in need

IN RESPONSE to the story "Seeing clearly": I know the Binnie family. It is a community service-type family. I wish more people would have stepped up to help the family with contributions. They only got $40 a week to replace Tom's income from worker's comp since he was injured as a volunteer firefighter. They have a strong faith, but still have a long road ahead of them with having to play catch-up with Tom's recovery. God does answer prayer. God bless you.

Safety concern

A REGISTERED sex offender was working at a local family restaurant. His employer knew of his conviction, and his probation officer knew he was working where he would be in contact with children. He has been arrested with new charges for child molestation. Which probation officer failed to do her job? What if it was her child he had molested?

Incredible show

THE TRANS-Siberian Orchestra concert was awesome, as it has been for three years in a row. They are incredible musicians and singers, and they put on the most incredible show.

Parking woes

MY WIFE and I were looking forward to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. We arrived one hour early but were unable to find a parking place. There were people we could see standing in the rain at show time. Why does the Show Me Center have a hard time selling out? These may be the reasons. Poor parking and just not the right people in charge. We left after waiting in a line of cars 30 minutes after the show had started.

Personal decision

ALTHOUGH I was in favor of the controversial Amendment 2, I sincerely respected the opposition's point of view. I felt it was a personal decision and people should be left to contemplate it without interference. When the tables were turned, this was not the case. I lost friendships and was criticized for my beliefs for the sake of Christianity. That is not the Christianity that I study and practice. Churches have no place in politics. They need to stick with teaching the Word of God, not telling their congregations how to vote.

Rolling stops

THE REASON people have a hard time knowing when it's their turn to go at stop signs is because no one stops anymore. Everyone rolls through intersections. How do you know who stopped first if no one actually stops? Are we all in such a hurry that we can't make time to obey the law and stop at stop signs? Rolling through won't get you on your way any faster. It causes confusion.

No comparison

I HAVE lived in another state and in large and small cities. I will never understand why it is important for some people to expect what they are used to in other places to happen here. If St. Louis is such a good place to live, move. I've been there and worked there, and I won't go back. Thanks, Cape Girardeau. This is a great place to be.

Fatalistic view

SAYING THAT Republicans lost because it was, according to past historical patterns, inevitable is saying the decision was somehow out of the control of voters. I do not subscribe to this deterministic, fatalistic view of history.

Wasteful lawsuit

THE DAMAGE to Johnson Shut-ins State Park was a terrible event, but the delay in cleaning it up is unexcuseable. If the park doesn't reopen next year, quite a bit of the blame can be placed at the doorsteps of the politicians who are using it for political points. Normally I wouldn't side with big business and AmerenUE, but the company admitted responsibility, agreed to the clean up and then the politicians filed a lawsuit without giving mediation and cooperation a try. For a bunch of Republicans who claim to want to reduce the number of frivolous lawsuits, it's ridiculous and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Pay issues

I HAVE been on my job for two years and have received raises. Upon the passage of the minimum-wage amendment, my boss informed me that everyone will be paid the same base minimum amount. Although this is more than my current rate, I feel as though my time with my company is worth more than the entry-level employee. Is the financial health of my company worth alienating the most experienced employees?

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