Speak Out 11/14/06

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Unequal justice

I WANT to know where the justice is when a person with a DWI has to do more prison time than someone selling drugs to our children. This is not justice.

Churches in politics

I THINK the IRS should look into the churches' involvement in the stem-cell amendment. If they are going to meddle in politics, they should lose their tax exemptions.

Healthy kids

THERE IS absolutely no way a child could become ill from eating healthy food at school. Any child who is in that type of physical condition has had years of malnourishment, eating junk food and lack of supervision. Good nutrition is taught in several classes. I wonder how our parents, grandparents and past generations were ever able to survive without Twinkies, Cokes, chips and the like. Maybe it was the good food, lots of exercise and no TV or video games which encourage sitting on one's backside getting fat and fatter. Kids, climb a hill or tree. Run around the block.

Resource for teachers

THANKS TO the NASA Educator Resource Center for the wonderful public workshop on the formation of the stars. The hands-on presentation was excellent, and the materials provided are useful for teaching and learning resources. I couldn't help but notice that Cape Girardeau science teachers were absent. There were teachers from St. Louis here to get the knowledge and materials provided free by the resource center, but our local teachers were nowhere to be seen.

Economic pain

FOR THE caller who thought no one was hurting economically: If you are looking at those building new homes and buying new cars, you are looking in the wrong places. I think last Tuesday's election said it all.

Diverse views

I'M GLAD we have Kansas City and St. Louis to lead the way in Missouri. I am from Southeast Missouri, but that doesn't mean I agree with everything the GOP or my pastor says, especially when I'm told to vote this way or that way. I share many of the values that Claire McCaskill represents. If it weren't for the big cities with their large, diverse populations that reflect the needs of the majority, the U.S. would be a redneck theocracy by now.

No criminals

THE COMMENT that said people in trouble join the military is not true. The military will not take anyone who has a criminal record. They do not take druggies. I used to repair billion-dollar submarines. Would you want a criminal or druggie working on that~

Who bought the farm~

I WAS appalled, as usual, by the arrogance of our mayor and Southeast Missouri State University's leadership. I doubt that when the taxpayers provided the college with land for a farm all those years ago that they thought pseudo business geniuses would decide to go commercial with the property. Why don't state employees do what they get paid to do -- educate -- and not participate in business venture whims. Mayor Jay Knudtson would be for anything that would generate tax revenue. And did you hear that our property taxes might drop by 45 percent if the complex is built~ Yeah, right.

Softball interview

IF YOU'RE a hard-core Republican, do not read any further if you've just eaten breakfast. "Hardball" host Chris Matthews did a softball interview with U.S. senator-elect Claire McCaskill and got downright sentimental about her coming sojourn inside the Beltway. In fact, he compared her idealism to the character portrayed in the classic movie, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."

Different economy

IN RESPONSE to the person who thinks everyone can afford expensive cars and big houses: My personal perception of the economy is not good. I feel this way because I am paid minimum wage for 50 hours a week. Even with regular child support, I barely have enough to pay my rent and utilities, send my two kids to day care and feed my family. There is no way that I can afford a better education for myself. I cannot afford good health care for my kids. I drive a 10-year-old small car and do not own a home. I do not want to resort to credit-card debt or food stamps to keep my family alive and off the streets. It is only the rich Republicans who believe President Bush when he says the economy is strong.

Be considerate

IT'S WONDERFUL to have children in church. However it is important that we not allow children to cause a distraction in the service. Just about every church has an area for children. Most churches have children's church in which young people can learn and enjoy a service on their level of understanding. We should all be of other people.

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