Speak Out 11/11/06

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thanks for wallet

SPECIAL THANKS to the woman who turned in my checkbook/wallet at Dents and Cans. My heart as truly overjoyed. May God bless you always.

Respectful drivers

MANY ACCIDENTS would be avoided if drivers would follow the basic rules of driving. If you are turning or switching lanes, put on your turn signal. If you are not turning or switching lanes, turn off your turn signal.

Religious extremism

EXTREMISM IN any religion or philosophy causes problems. Islam is not the only religion that has had its share of extremism. Christianity, in its extreme form, has had the same problem. People were persecuted heavily in the Spanish Inquisition. Turkish villages were pillaged during the Crusades. Today's terrorists are not Muslims. They are simply mentally disturbed people. Stop targeting a religion just because a select few claim that religion as theirs. It's not the religion's fault. It is human error that is the culprit. The United States has no clue what the Iraqis are going through. Unless you have had direct contact with the people of Iraq, you have no right to judge them.

Religious struggle

MAYBE CHURCHES are losing youths today because of hateful, un-Christian dinosaurs like the guys who spoke at the Baptist gathering in Cape Girardeau. We young Americans are not turning to Islam. We are, however, very much struggling with a religion too busy teaching hate and hysteria with an "end times" twist and with too many hypocritical leaders. We reject your views, your homeschooling coalition; your war against gays and lesbians, stem cells, religious freedom and church-state separation; and your intolerance toward women who do anything other than wash the dishes and serve our meals. Pray at home, not at school. Keep your Ten Commandments in your office and not the public square. Mind your own families and stay out of ours.

Other drivers too

SOMEONE COMMENTED about how Jackson drivers have no concern for anyone else on the road. They were glad the police were doing something about it. How in the world do you know for sure the people you are speaking of are from Jackson. Other people from other towns drive in Jackson also.

Goodbye, political ads

AFTER TUESDAY, watching TV will be boring. When a program came on before the election, there were five political ads at a time, then some more during the show. Now everybody has to wait until the next election.

Cat is loved

IF YOU'RE the person who called the animal control officer to get our cat, we apologize if it offended you. It is almost impossible to keep a cat from roaming. We adopted this cat from Safe Harbor. He is loved by our family. I wanted an inside-outside cat. He has caught field mice and voles and also cornered a possum in our garage. There are several neighborhood cats, and one or two go across my yard every day. This cat had a collar, and you knew he belonged to a family. You could have gone around the block to see if he belonged to someone. Whoever caught him to take him to the animal shelter left two cuts on his nose. We will keep him in the house, but if he should slip out, I would appreciate someone making an effort to see if he belongs to someone, which is what we would have done.

Stripes and all

The resurfacing of main arteries in our area, and the newly painted stripes, are sure a big improvement. Thanks to everyone responsible for this.

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