Out of the past 11-5-06

Sunday, November 5, 2006

25 years ago: Nov. 5, 1981

In unprecedented action, the Cape Girardeau County Democratic Central Committee announces it has endorsed state Rep. Jerry Ford of Cape Girardeau in his Democratic bid for the 10th Congressional District; it is the first time the committee has endorsed a candidate before a primary election.

Cape Girardeau city attorney Robert Fick will be taking on some additional duties, as he becomes the city's interim city clerk, replacing Verna Landis, who is recovering from a broken leg.

50 years ago: Nov. 5, 1956

The limited, one-way traffic system for the Main Street area is put into operation; under the system Main is southbound and Spanish Street northbound in the blocks between Broadway and William Street.

Prosecuting Attorney Stephen Limbaugh says progress is being made in ironing out the details necessary to acquire the land for the new Cape Girardeau County state park; some difficulty has been met in getting clear title to two tracts of land in the area; in one case at least, it likely will be necessary to file a suit in court to clear it up.

75 years ago: Nov. 5, 1931

It will be at least three more weeks before installation of machinery has been sufficiently completed to permit operation of the new water plant of the Missouri Utilities Co. at Cape Rock; while most of the machinery at the main plant has been installed, there remain other details to clear up and the pumping plant and intake on the Mississippi River, one-fourth mile north of the main plant, to be completed before operation can begin.

Brickwork has been halted for a few days on the two-story annex to the fire and police department headquarters, awaiting the arrival of approximately 30 pieces of steel to be used in building the second floor.

100 years ago: Nov. 5, 1906

W.D. Vandiver speaks at the Common Pleas Courthouse in the evening; he is one of Missouri's most distinguished men and attracts a big audience; he makes a typical Vandiver speech, endorsing everything Democratic.

Dix Walker, the political writer of Oak Ridge and editor of the Indicator, is in Cape Girardeau attending to a little business; he reports he is having the trouble usually encountered by a new country newspaper; last week, his best printer went on a spree and left him to get out his paper with the aid of his "devil," which is an apprentice.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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