Letter to the Editor

Candidates' positions clarified

Sunday, November 5, 2006

To the editor:

A Nov. 1 article in the Southeast Missourian over the battle in the 161st District state representative race between Democrat Steve Hodges and Republican Gary Branum stated that the Democratic Party sent out direct-mail pieces indicating Hodges opposes raising the minimum wage.

I live in this District, receive campaign literature from both parties and haven't received anything from the Democratic Party indicating that Hodges is opposed to raising the minimum wage.

In the Nov. 2 edition of the Missourian, an article states that Hodges supports increasing the minimum wage and that Branum disagrees with Hodges on the minimum-wage increase.

In fairness to both candidates, the position they take on this issue should be clarified for your readers in a format that can be easily identified. It would be a great disservice to both Branum and Hodges, as well as to us the voters, as we go to the polls on Tuesday voting on issues that are important to us and we choose a candidate based on information we read in the Missourian that was not 100 percent accurate.