Speak Out 11/04/06

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Grossly inaccurate

SEN. JOHN Kerry's remarks about the "uneducated" being "stuck in Iraq" shows how ignorant he is about today's military. Serving in our military is an honor. Military service is chosen by many of our best and brightest. Think of all of the physicians, nurses, police officers and others in our communities who serve selflessly) because these highly educated individuals believe in a higher purpose than forwarding their own agendas. Kerry and others who think like he does need to educate themselves about military service today. Are politicians like Kerry really the ones you trust with the safety and security of your family and country? Our troops have noble intentions. Can we say the same for Kerry and the leaders in his party? He doesn't even have the decency to apologize for his grossly inaccurate and offensive statement.

Alcohol's impact

FOR REPORTER Rudi Keller to minimize (in an op-ed column) the deaths, injuries and health problems that alcohol usage causes was uncalled for. Regardless of the so-called health benefits (few of which have actually been proven) of moderate alcohol usage, there are too many deaths on the highways, too many hospital stays because of alcohol abuse, too many children and spouses being abused, too many families separated, just because too many people drink more than that one glass of wine or one beer a day. If tobacco taxes can be raised so outrageously in the name of health, then you can bet petitions will start circulating to raise alcohol taxes 400-plus percent. And you can bet a lot of churches, health providers, wives and mothers will be signing the petitions. It will be interesting to see how much money the alcohol industry will pour into fighting it.

Educated military

AS A combat veteran who put off graduate school to serve in Iraq as an enlisted soldier, I am appalled by Sen. John Kerry's comment. If it was a joke gone wrong, why refuse to apologize to his fellow combat veterans whom he hurt with his humor? I served with a third-year law student who took a leave of absence to go to Iraq. We had numerous college graduates in our enlisted ranks. One soldier was a graduate with his MBA from Georgetown. Kerry truly does think we are uneducated idiots who will just accept his lame excuse of "I was talking about President Bush." As for Bush owing me an apology: I signed up after 9-11 knowing where I was going. I would do it all over again.

Candy snatchers

IT IS a common practice to trust parents to teach their children right from wrong. I came home from my two-hour class on Halloween night to find that the entire bucket of candy had been removed from my porch, but the large "Take two" sign was still in plain sight. Shame on the of this child. I am currently in Cape Girardeau but proud to be from St. Louis.

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