Major contributors in the race for Cape Girardeau County presiding commissioner

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Gerald Jones, Republican:

Keith and Majorie Deimund, Cape Girardeau, $650; Gary and Wendy Rust, Cape Girardeau, $650; Dwight and Kathy Johnson, Jackson, $325; Kenneth Evans, Jackson, $200; William and Trish Lafoe, Cape Girardeau, $200; T. Wayne and Linda Lewis, Jackson, $200; Jay and Kelly Purcell, Cape Girardeau, $200; Jerry and Nancy Stone, Cape Girardeau, $200; Rodney and Jan Miller, Millersville, $150; Joel and Pat Ray, Cape Girardeau, $150; Steve and Rita Crain, Cape Girardeau, $200; John and Teresa Thompson, Jackson, $125; Cape County Republican Women's Club, Cape Girardeau, $300; Reg and Kathy Swan, Cape Girardeau, $200.

Victor Farrow, Democrat:

No money raised.

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