Speak Out 10/29/06

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Possible cures

DR. MICHAEL Wulfers has again urged voters to vote no for Amendment 2. I have never read, heard or met anyone in this country who wants to clone anything. I've also never met anyone, including Wulfers, who says with absolute certainty that embryonic stem-cell research will absolutely not lead to a cure. I think it is unmitigated hypocrisy for those who are healthy and whole to tell those who aren't that they don't deserve a chance to be cured because somebody somewhere might want to clone something someday.

Medicaid treatments

THIS IS about the person who's angry about tax money from smoking going to Medicaid recipients. Cancer's an expensive disease. I've worked in hospitals all my life, and a great many people with cancer end up on Medicaid because they can't afford the treatments.

Destroying business

COMPETITION IS what keeps prices down. From some of the statements OSHA's representative made, it sounds like he's out to destroy small business. This is going to have a negative effect on all of us.

Not worth it

THERE IS research being performed in several centers now that doesn't use embryonic stem cells. I don't want potentially high paying jobs in Missouri if it entails killing human life of embryos to get them. Vote no on Amendment 2. We don't need our state to be in jeopardy.

Too much selling

SOUTH ELEMENTARY School in Jackson has sent information about yet another fund raiser home in my child's backpack. This time it is over-priced pie and cookie dough. From selling junk nobody wants to bringing money for United Way, if you don't send something, your child feels left out. This has got to stop. Parents have to put our foot down and say enough is enough. The only thing we want sent home should be education related. Our children don't go to school to be trained as salespeople.

Saluting the flag

I WAS in Cape Girardeau this past weekend during the homecoming parade. I had the opportunity and the honor of being aboard one of the veteran floats. I saw a lot of patriotism and a lot of people who, as the floats passed, saluted the flag or put their hand over their hearts, stood up and took their hats off. That was beautiful. On the negative, I did not see a single police officer salute the flag. Maybe a little education on how to honor the flag could be pursued by your police force.

Minimum wage

I INVITE your readers to type the words "minimum wage union contracts" into their favorite Internet search engine. There are a lot of articles that can be read about how some union contracts are tied to the minimum wage and will increase when the minimum wage increases. This is why Big Labor is so in favor of increasing the minimum wage, and that is why a yes vote for the minimum wage will raise prices as businesses pass on these wage increases. I also invite your readers to type the words "cost of living calculator" into their favorite Internet search engine. Numerous calculators can be found that will allow them to compare the cost of living in Southeast Missouri with other places in the country. They will find that in states with higher minimum wages that prices have increased so that the working poor are no better off and sometimes worse off than they are in Southeast Missouri. Let's not mess up the land of low prices. Vote no for the minimum wage increase.

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