Salute to veterans

Friday, October 27, 2006

More than three decades after the last U.S. troops pulled out of the war-torn nation, Vietnam-era veterans still feel the sting of America's anti-war backlash they endured when they returned to their hometowns.

In Cape Girardeau, many of the returning vets enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University and banded together in a group known as the SEMO Veteran Corps, which provided a social outlet, moral support and advocacy for assistance and recognition.

It is to the credit of the university and several dedicated organizers that these veterans were the center of attention at homecoming festivities this past weekend.

The best part? Cheers for the Vietnam veterans who were joined by other who wore U.S. uniforms from World War II up to the Iraq War.

Everyone who had a hand in honoring the veterans deserves our thanks for the time and effort that went into making all of the special events so memorable.

And to the Vietnam veterans who missed the hero's welcome home: Thank you. We salute you.

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