Letter to the Editor

Stem-cell amendment is Satan's work

Friday, October 27, 2006

To the editor:

Each day of our life should and could be a joyous occasion -- a day of advancement toward our final day of life. Instead, each day seems to be a waiting day for yet another unbelievable experience to unfold: another act of terrorism, another shoot-out in the settlement of someone's envy, hatred or uncontrolled anger. We are becoming less civilized every day.

The value of life is diminishing every day. Will it ever change? Not until we understand why we are here on earth. Until we learn to see life here as a preparatory time for better things in the hereafter, we will never improve. We have become a "me" society instead of a "we" society. In my short lifetime I have seen things go from fair and good to bad and worse to nearly gone.

Morals must start at home, then at church and in school, with discipline and example. If either are missing at any of these steps, a child will become an adult and bite the dust. In the last 50 years, we have dropped our guard on morality with our speech, our teachings, our tolerance and, most of all, our example.

We know now that abortion is wrong. Now we must face Satan again, because this stem-cell amendment we are voting on Nov. 7 is a glorified form of abortion. Think seriously when you enter that voting booth. Vote no on Amendment 2.